Who, What, When, Where and Why

Introduction aside, one might be wondering what my purpose of starting this blog is. What sets me apart from database of bloggers, the scads of public relations and advertising professionals and the multitude of young folk, like me, trying to break in to the big, bad, sometimes scary world.

  • Who: My intended audience for this blog is you. And you can may be my colleague, my current employer, my past employer, my friend, my professors, my mentors, myself, and you might also be my future employer.
  • What: This is a collection of my thoughts and opinions on the industry that matters most to me. It is a creative outlet and a learning center. True, it is a blog, but to me, it is so much more.
  • When: Although I have yet to figure out all of details, I plan to post entries a couple of times a week. At some point, I might start a weekly topic. For now, it will be shortly after I come across something I find to be intriguing.
  • Where: At LaurenGillaspey.wordpress.com of course! My goal is to have my own website (with a blog page) that I can use to discuss events, curious finds and whatnot, but this is just the first stepping-stones of many.
  • Why: Alas, the golden question. Why, you ask? Well, my professors welcomed social media with high praise and past employers and colleagues were the same way. To top that off, I have developed an uncanny interest in all things social media.
    • It’s an opportunity for me to voice my opinion on news, events, technology, products and companies that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to say.
    • It helps keep me current in all things PR and Advertising.
    • It’s an outlet for my own creative ways
    • And quite frankly, why not?

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