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Event Planning 2.0

Mashable: The Future of Event Planning and Social Media

Back in the day (when I was a naive high school senior on the brink of graduation), I had three different dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up. They went as follows:

  • Dream #1: Study Public Relations at Northern Arizona University and plan parties as a living, because that’s what I did. I was the event guru. I planned. I schemed. I catered (A.K.A. I slaved in the kitchen to prepare delicacies along the lines of Bagel Bites and Taquitos). I hosted. I loved it.
  • Dream #2: Study Biochemistry at the University of Washington and apply to medical school for entrance in 2011. Blood doesn’t bother me and the thought of giving somebody what they wanted most in life was something I wanted to do. Thus, I was torn between wanting to be an OB/GYN or a plastic surgeon.
  • Dream #3: Study Architecture at the University of Arizona and build pieces of art that last lifetimes. Despite ending up in the communications field, I was and always will be a math nerd–I love numbers.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a match for Univ. of Washington (although, Seattle is still on my top 5 places to live list), so that kind of killed that dream. And the promise of snowy winters trumped the dread the of the spiking temperatures and season-less climates of Tucson, so I packed up and headed up the mountain. It turns out I might have actually gone to NAU for all of the wrong reasons, but Public Relations was exactly what I needed to do. I am people person. I make things happen. I research. I plan. I create. In other words, despite the school itself, I haven’t looked back since signing up for PR 272: Introduction to Public Relations with Dr. Astrid Sheil (probably, one of the BEST professors EVER).

Back to event planning, as I mentioned, it is the reason your are even reading this blog in the first place. If someone were to come to me with an event to plan, regardless of how big or how small, I would take it. I love events. I love bringing people together for a reason, which is why I found this article to be extremely interesting.

The article, “The Future of Event Planning and Social Media” (, discusses the new, innovative ways social media is being utilized for events.

Prior to reading this article, I would have thought to spread the word using Twitter and Facebook, as well as Foursquare during the event to increase check-ins. However, all of those would have been the most basic of ways to use social media. After reading the article, I really realized a) the potential of Foursquare and b) the willingness of Foursquare to help you, cause it helps them too.

Ways Foursquare + Event = Big Hit:

  • Create special badge for attendees who check-in with Fsq
  • Add custom venue for the event and add tips for fun things to do at there.
  • Relay news and information to guests
  • Finding target audience based on venue visits

Beyond Foursquare, the article introduced me to new social media resources. For instance, have you ever heard of StickyBits? I haven’t until today, and I feel like I might fall in love with it. Due to minor complications, i.e. iTunes telling me the app is unavailable in US stores (it’s a NYC-based company, go figure), I haven’t gotten to mess around with it yet. From what I can tell, it is like Foursquare, but for products (or really anything with a bar code) rather than locations. I sent out a tweet to @Stickybits asking them about the itunes problem (cause I am cool like that), and once they get back to me, I will experiment and report back!

Until then, what’s your opinion on the marriage between social media and event planning?


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