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The 30-Second Elevator Speech

Every Tuesday, my dad and I make our way through rush-hour traffic to the fancy Franklin area for a Career Transitions Group. I represent the females and us young folk (i.e. anyone under the age of 45). Lucky me. Fortunately, the group leader realizes I am not transitioning to a new job/career, but that I am transitioning from college graduate to entry-level professional.

Either way, the 30-second elevator speech applies to all. And it goes a little something like this:

  • Name
  • Most Recent Job Title
  • Most Recent Company
  • One line description of what product or service the company offers and the size of the company based on dollar value or number of locations/employees
  • Length of time with company
  • Length of entire career
  • Other jobs/companies you have worked for in the past (For those more experienced, cover no more than 20 yrs in broad terms)
    • The info above sets the credibility and telegraphs the level of job and salary you want
    • Invokes the question of what happened to job
  • Answer “What happened to job” in one sentence/line
  • What’s next for you
    • Most important
    • Explain the kind of job, industry and location you are seeking for the future.

Easy enough right? Well, kinda.

Elevator speeches don’t stop there. Try challenging yourself to cram as much important information as possible into as little time as possible, while still breathing. 

In the end, your elevator speech is key to selling yourself to potential employers and possible networking contacts, so don’t just laugh it off.


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