Guest Blog

Guest Blog: The InternView

In January, I was approached via Twitter by the online learning community for interns, The InternView. They asked me if I would write entries for one of their many topics–Intern Life After College.

Naturally, I accepted the opportunity. As I began to plan out my entries, I realized how important it is to step back and look the variety of opportunities that exist. The “typical” career timeline (college to graduate programs to job) isn’t always the best choice for you. More than ever, it’s important to weigh your options and consider things like full-time internships over jobs that pay the bills and continuing education.

Ultimately, I blogged about all that and more in my bi-weekly entries.

Post #1: Convincing the ‘Rents that Unpaid Pays Off (Jan. 20)

Post #2: Mastering the Art of the Cold Call (Feb. 3)

Post #3: Staying Marketable Outside of Internships (Feb. 17)

Post #4: Contemplating the Virtual Internship (March 3)

Post #5: To Move or Not to Move, That is the Question (March 17)

Post #6: Advice From a Seasoned Graduate (March 31)

Post #7: The Mistakes We Make and We Learn From Them (April 14)

Takeaway: How Internships Lead to Both Personal and Professional Growth 


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