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YouTube – RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Before I get to the main purpose of this entry, I wanted to touch on the topic of the week: The Super Bowl. Like many of my peers and colleagues, I was definitely underwhelmed. Although the chosen favorite, the Chrysler Eminem ad, is a great piece of advertising. It lacked the Super Bowl level of mastery and humor. When I think of memorable Super Bowl ads, I think of Betty White and Snickers, Apple’s “1984” ad and (oddly enough) the FedEx commercial from sometime in the 90’s with the helium and the Wizard of Oz, which I never actually saw, just heard about.

To leeway into today’s post, I found it quite odd that, despite the high expectations and wide reach/frequency, all (or at least most) of the ads we saw weren’t priceless. Isn’t the Super Bowl the mecca of advertising inspiration? So, if the Super Bowl can’t motivate us to develop the best of the best, what will?

Money? Fame? Freedom? Inspiration?

According to the following video, it isn’t cash, like many of us might think, that is necessarily the key to motivation. In fact, the effectiveness of monetary rewards varies depending on the amount and the project. Surprisingly, the studies discussed in the video actually show that higher monetary rewards may not be a cause for increased productivity.

Intrigued? Watch the video. Not that intrigued? Still watch the video, because the presentation + visual interpretation makes it really cool.

YouTube – RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

As a college graduate, I have had to continually draw upon myself for motivation. For the most part, I am my own boss and it is all to easy to slip into a pattern of chick flick marathons and snooze-fests. Most recently, however, I have found myself struggling to take the time to maintain my personal commitments (i.e. this blog and running).

Mostly, it all boils down to the fact that I just don’t have the time. I’m the kind of girl who enjoys adding a lot to my plate. In addition to this here blog and running, I work upwards of thirty hours a week waiting tables, I write a bi-weekly blog series for The InternView, I study for the GRE (I’m trying to get into grad school), I attend networking events, I job hunt and I try to have a life.

It’s hard. But, life is hard. If it wasn’t, what would we do? What would we have to be proud about?

In spirit of this, I’m going to list the factors that motivate me:

  • To run…
    • Healthy lifestyle
    • Weight loss
    • Tire out Lexi (my dog)
  • To blog…
    • Enhance my professional brand
    • Become more informed in my field
    • Share my input with others
  • To blog for The InternView…
    • Share my experiences with college students and fellow college grads
    • Improve my writing skills
    • Enhance my professional brand
  • To work a part-time job
    • Money to pay the bills
    • Money to buy things and do things
  • To network…
    • Job opportunities
    • Meet people
  • To study…
    • Graduate school
      • Increase my knowledge of my field
      • Move to the Chicago-area (I’m applying to Northwestern)
      • Complete a personal goal of getting my master’s
  • To job hunt…
    • My dream job. A job I went to school for. A job that I enjoy. A job that means I no longer have to crash at my parent’s.

There’s just a few. But, now, every time I feel the urge to turn on Pretty Woman or Valentine’s Day, I have a list to hold myself accountable for my options. And, the better I motivate to stay on task, the more free time I will have in the end that I know I can actually enjoy. Go figure.

With that, I’d like to know, what motivates you to do the things you do?


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