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How Real People Are Using Twitter! [VIDEO] (via PR and Social Love!)

Twitter made a YouTube video about why you should be on Twitter, what to use Twitter for and how real people are actually using Twitter. I think it’s a great video everyone should watch! My favorite part is the astronaut making the video from space! Great testimonies for Twitter! … Read More

via PR and Social Love!

First, I just want to thank Lauren for sharing this video in the first place. If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do.

After speaking with a guy who stated that he never jumped on the Twitter bandwagon due to age (mind you, he is 29), I think it really is great that Twitter went through the motions of explaining how people use Twitter and, in some ways, that is more than just a phase. Twitter is not just a phase. The fact that it just turned five (March 21) does more than prove that.

Some of my favorite quotes from the video include:

  • @PiersMorgan: The best way to finding out what my guests are up to before they come on my show is to follow them on Twitter, which is exactly what I do.
  • @SnoopDog: I like to follow my homegirl Marth Stewart. ‘Cuz Martha Stewart, she keeps it stuttered and buttered, baked and flaked, and she love to wake and bake with the Big Snoop Dog.
  • @StateDept (Hilary Clinton): People can exchange ideas and information instantaneously. Countries and cultures are brought together like never before.
  • @MarthaStewart: I use Twitter to keep in touch
  • @GaryVee: Really, I use Twitter to listen

Sure, these quotes may not necessarily stress how Twitter may be used or how influential it may be. Instead, they show that no matter who you are, you have the ability to have a voice, to share your thoughts, to learn, to teach, to communicate, etc. all through Twitter.



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