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For the Greater Good

Over the past months, I have been thinking a lot about whether or not what I have been doing has a purpose. For the most part, it hasn’t, but I am beginning to think that maybe I should change that.

Ideally, I would love to have the opportunity to volunteer abroad, to really immerse myself in a completely different culture (Bali, to be specific). For now, however, it is probably better off that I start smaller (or at least closer to home). As I spend my days networking and job hunting in hopes of moving to Chicago, I spend my nights looking in to the many different organizations who are in need of volunteers.

The problem is: how do I decide?

I have never been one to hold a cause so near and dear to my heart that it becomes everything I am and then some. Sure, there are the things I care about. But, just as I have many different interests, there are many different ways I can see myself getting involved.

For starters, I would love to involve my public relations, social media and advertising skills while volunteering. With that in mind, I could offer to work pro bono for a group, but it also seems like many organizations already have a preexisting marketing department. Other ways include: spending time with kids, helping animals, the Red Cross Disaster Relief Team, etc.

I really just want to feel like I am making difference in at least someone’s life.

All this planning and researching has got me thinking, what do other people do? Does any one even volunteer anymore? Given the chance, would you rather do your profession of trade pro-bono or something different?



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