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TV Commercials, There’s an App for That

Article: The CW to reward viewers for watching commercials

“At its upfront presentation today, the CW network announced an unique partnership with the shopping app Shopkick. The app serves up shopping deals and special rewards for users who visit top retailers like Target and Home Depot. But the exclusive deal with the CW adds a twist — CW advertisers will be able to reward users for watching their commercials.

Here’s how it works: as Shopkick users watch the CW, the app will listen to the commercials. When a Shopkick-enabled commercial airs, users will see an “unobtrusive on-screen alert” that prompts them to open the app. Inside, they’ll find discounts redeemable inside the advertiser’s retail stores.

“Shopkick’s first network partnership with The CW is a revolution for advertisers,” said Cyriac Roeding, CEO and co-founder of Shopkick. “The cell phone is the only interactive medium that consumers have with them while they are watching television, and while they are shopping in the store. The CW and Shopkick together make use of this for the first time in a seamless, simple way.”

The CW says the deal will help advertisers close the loop in the purchase cycle for the first time — from TV ads all the way to an in-store purchase.

As we wrote last month, two other apps are in the same “commercial listening” space — IntoNow and the music app Shazam. In a recent deal with Pepsi, IntoNow users “tagged” Pepsi commercials and received a coupon for a free 20-ounce Pepsi Max. IntoNow recently sold to Yahoo for an estimated $20 to $30 million.

Of all the social TV efforts today, apps that bridge passive viewing with active buying — and can show traction — will likely become the hottest area of growth in the industry.”

— via Lost Remote

With my background in both advertising and public relations, it’s interesting to see how they compare and contrast. I am beginning to feel more and more that advertising will soon be irrelevant, unless something changes.

This mobile app by Shopkick just may be the beginning of the change we’ve been hoping for.

The introduction of social media and new technology has certainly been a game changer for every industry. I feel as though the greatest effects are seen in PR/ADV (or maybe I’m just biased). Public relations jumped on the trend early and has continued to excel with it; advertising, however, has fallen behind, and is now struggling to get with the “in” crowd.

By utilizing the app, ads may come off as being a bit more tailor-made. The increased interaction will definitely be a step in the right direction, but I think advertising still has quite a long way to go.

What are your thoughts?


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