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Promoted Trends on Twitter

“Businesses are paying Twitter $120,000 to sponsor a promoted trending topic for a day, director of revenue Adam Bain told marketing news site ClickZ. That’s up from $25,000 to $30,000 when the feature was launched in April 2010. Bain also said Twitter is expanding its sales force to 60 people and pursuing smaller brands by offering promoted accounts and promoted tweets in an auction-pricing system. Twitter has worked with 600 advertisers on 6,000 campaigns since it launched ads last April, Bain said.”

– Source: “Twitter now charges $120,000 a day for promoted trends” by Jeff Sonderman (Poynter)

Mentioned in today’s #Commentz newsletter sent out by Sarah Evans, I found myself shocked at the prices listed in the article.

First, I wasn’t aware that promoted tweets, started last year, had brought that much success. To be frank, I hardly ever take notice/interest in what ever it is being promoted.

After thinking about it, I realized that it isn’t necessarily a lack of interest, but rather a dislike of the whole concept. I realized that, when checking my Twitter feed, I will periodically check the trending topics, but I always ignore the promoted trends. While I enjoy knowing what’s going on, I want to know what people are actually talking about, not what companies think we should be talking about.


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