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Battle of the Blogging Platforms

“Another underdog has risen up to the challenge and pulled out an upset.

Tumblr, a micro-blogging website that a few months ago had seven million individual blogs, has overtaken WordPress in popularity by nearly tripling in size.

According to a Mashable blog post, Tumblr has taken a slim, 85,000-blog lead over its competitor. Mashable, incidentally, uses WordPress to host its content.

It should be noted’s blog count doesn’t include sites people host themselves using open source software provided by, Mashable points out.

Where has all this success come from? By creating a hybrid combining elements of social networking and blogging.

As Tumblr’s Mark Coatney put it: “You’ll dash off an email or do a tweet or something like that because it’s quick and easy, so it’s kind of taking that thinking and applying it to blogging.”

So far, it’s been a formula for success.

Read the full Mashable post here or watch a video interview with Coatney.”

Tumblr ousts WordPress as most-used blog service, Matt Cowan (

I have to admit. I have my fair share of blogs. For professional purposes, I mainly stick to WordPress. It’s, for the most part, clean and clutter free, and it offers quite a few formatting/customization options. Since joining the WordPress community late last year with this blog (LG), I have also used WordPress while blogging for The InternView and my latest blogging venture, Local BigWig 

On the other hand, I have also begun using Tumblr quite a bit. First, I have use it for a personal blog. I may post quotes or photos, my summer reading list, thoughts and musings. While I don’t intend on using it to broadcast my most private thoughts, I also don’t intend on broadcasting it to the world.

In contrast to my personal blog, I also have From Girl to Gourmet{ista}, a foodie blog. With this blog, I intend to learn all that I can about the food industry — from the food to the business and back again. As such, I invite you to accompany on my journey to explore all there is to know, and hopefully, you will find out something new along the way as well.

All-in-all, I, too, lean towards the simplistic, creative and social aspects of Tumblr. But for some things, professional blogs included, WordPress will always outrank its competitors.

Which blogging platform do you prefer?


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