Ad: Target Back to School

Well folks, it’s the beginning of August, which can only mean one thing, back to school. Sadly (in a bittersweet kind of way), this is my second time of not jumping in to back-to-school mode. What’s worse is that I am oddly amused by the supplies lists you can find in Targets (and probably other stores too…) across the country.

I like them. I miss the days where all we had to worry about were crayons and wide-ruled paper, don’t you?

As I will always have a place in my heart for back-to-school shopping, I also happen to have a soft spot for Target’s newest campaign: Back to School.

The first ad features Lewis and Clark (the hamsters), the end of Pluto and a glitter-loving second grade teacher. But can you really ever go wrong with glitter? I think not.

I think this second one is beyond hilarious. I don’t really know why I find it funny, but I do. It probably has something to do with the music teacher who strives to teach “attitude” and happens to love denim.

Oh back-to-school season…


One thought on “Ad: Target Back to School

  1. I love back to school shopping! I went in Office Depot the other day and had to consciously talk myself out of buying a new notebook and pens “because I might need them”.

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