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TV, There’s an App For That

This morning while perusing the emails I had acquired since last night, I found an article about watching TV on mobile apps featured in today’s PRSA newsletter. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit shocked. Never would I have imagined that so many people use their mobile devices to watch TV… at home!

Sure, I have watched a thing or two on my iPhone/iPod touch, but that was years ago. For the most part, I hate watching anything, even YouTube clips, on my phone. When I have used it to watch TV, I was primarily using it at the gym and streaming Grey’s Anatomy episodes from YouTube.

Even my roommate, who just got an iPad (yes, I’m jealous), states that she will never use it to watch TV. And why would she? As Americans, we have spent so much time and money trying to buy the latest and greatest in TV and TV equipment, and now it seems like people are willing to throw that all away.

Do these statistics shock you? Or are you one of the masses who uses their mobile devices to watch TV now?


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