As you may well know, my name is Lauren Gillaspey, and I began my career after graduating from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in 2010, in only three years, with a double major in public relations and advertising.

Currently, I find myself living and working in Chicago (well, kind of) as an Account Executive at SS|PR, a mid-size PR agency in Glenview, Ill. At SS|PR, I specialize in securing client mentions across local and national media outlets along with managing social media accounts and award outreach for clients.

In addition to my position at SS|PR, I also manage social media accounts for The Chicago Skeeball League and SkeeNation (with leagues in Boston, Atlanta and Raleigh, to name a few).

When I’m not busy tweeting (yes, Twitter is my social media platform of choice) or pitching my little heart out for work, you can almost always find me online anyway, whether it be that I’m hanging out on Facebook, perusing Pinterest, catching up on Tumblr or just Google searching something. Proof that, for me, social media isn’t just a career choice; it’s a life choice.

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