My time at Northern Arizona University provided me with wide range of skills to use within the Public Relations and Advertising industries. This includes my participation in creating a number of campaigns with specific clients in mind–public relations campaigns for the Counseling and Testing Center and the College of Arts & Letters and an advertising campaign for Perrier Sparkling Water.


College of Arts & Letters – PR 471C: PR Projects and Campaigns

For this senior-level course, we were given a client, the College of Arts & Letters (CAL), and broken up into separate groups of five to develop a PR campaign that would boost student attendance at CAL events.

For this campaign, I was responsible for developing and initiating the Vlog (Video Blog), editing the entire campaign booklet, writing the PSA and designing the fliers.

Perrier Sparkling Water – ADV 411C: Advertising Campaigns

For this course, we were given the client, Golden Eagle Distributors, whom requested we develop an advertising campaign for a product of theirs–Perrier Sparkling Water. We were then split up in to groups of five to compete for the best campaign overall and within each classes demographic. My groups demographic was men and women ages 35 and older.

For this campaign, I assumed the project leader position, developed the iPhone application concept and researched the product’s market share. I was also responsible for the media planning portion of the campaign and editing the entire campaign booklet.

Counseling and Testing Center – PR 399: PR Research Methods

For this course, Dr. Astrid Sheil provided us with the necessary information to conduct focus groups, surveys (primary research) and tools for helping us find secondary research. For the second half of the class, she asked the head of NAU’s Counseling and Testing Center (CTC) to come us with his project proposal. He asked that we conduct research to determine why more students weren’t using their services and a campaign to boost awareness.

For this project, I was heavily involved in designing the fliers and posters.

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